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I hope your week is going on well.

On my side, all is well, I am moving out of the campus corridors for a short holiday.

Christmas is here and I wanted to wish you comrades my best wishes this festive season.

This year I managed to accomplish a lot unlike the others years that I used to set many priorities and goals every new year and end up procrastinating until the following year when I formulate another wonderful list of “I will…”, that ended up to adding nothing but increasing the level of self hate.

The following ideas will help you to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself in the coming year.

  • Do what you can’t wait to do again
  • Be addicted to your talent
  • Spend time on what you belief
  • Make it automatic
  • Know what deserve your efforts
  • Design a system to work for you

#1Do what you can’t wait to do again

The only kind of courage you need in the process of solving the equation of life is the courage to do what you love.

Love can be created, there are specific ingredients and procedures of baking love omelet.

You can find out how your profession is unique from others, how it fulfill you as a unique person and the unique and special rewards that only this profession can reward you.

At the end, you find out that it is all about convincing yourself.

Yeah! It is all about what you say to yourself.

The choice is yours, you can create the belief that you are comfortable with your career and you start loving it or you can start convincing yourself that you are not okay with the jop you used to love and you start hating it.

If you love what you do badly enough that you cannot wait to do it again, the case became different.

Yes! The case became a really different one.

We start discussing how you should not over indulge in it not how to avoid procrastination.

Listen to this, understand it because if you get get it right, you will never procrastinate.

Elbert Einstein was not hardcore enough that he spend the all night in the lab, he was playful enough that he enjoyed himself all night in there.

I do not want to doubt if this message have changed your perspective.

#2Be addicted to your talent

Passions is as a result of doing something repeatedly enough until you have nature enough love and addiction to it.

The more you do it, the more you became experienced. The more you became exceptional, the more you are recognized in your niche.

All of us want to be praised and identified in something.

Work well done will put you at the top of the game.I bet with my integrity that you can never delay to go out and do what you know you are best at.

#3; Spend time on what you belief

This questions will help you to know if you belief on something;

Do you think what you are doing fulfill you?

Is that project meaningful to you?

Do you derive happiness doing it?

Is it boring or interestingly challenging?

In-case you successfully complete the task, will you feel you have accomplish your work on earth?

Do you want to be the best in it?

Play or doing it, which one do you find better?

I was thinking that you are postponing what you are supposed to do so that you do something else.

This “something else” maybe what you love, passionate about or you believe in.

I propose that you can interchange the cards.

You can bring love, passion and belief to the other side so that you start doing what you were meant to be doing.

I hope you are learning something in this post.

The post is becoming longer than I imagined but I do not want to spare you, I just want to give you a rough time today.

#4; Make it automatic

This is a concept that I want you to remember, if you forget all the other things that we have discussed  remember this!

Find a skill that when you master, you master life, keep on doing it until it becomes natural to you.

The problem with most people is not that they are lazy, the problem is that they give a lot of effort to master a skill that will never change their life.


Keep on stretching  keep on perfecting it, the truth is, if you keep on doing something long enough, you reach a point of automatically where you need to put in less energy to produce huge quality

At this point, you will be checking in less frequently to produce substance with less efforts.

This will go along way to reducing the need of deep concentration and high demand of effort which in effect crushes procrastination to nothingness.

#5; Know what deserve your effort

Just because everybody is doing it thus not mean you should be following.

There are many ways of earning a decent living in this world and everyone in a miraculous way is suited to achieving something with a lot of ease.

Life should

#6; Design a system to work for you

A few months of organized and purposeful thinking can produce a life long system that will set you free from the pain of hustling.

I admire how someone produced mobile phones, a system that has made the world a global village.

You may need to hold on your rat race and start to think.

Always remember this, sometime you only need to get it right ones in life and you are done.

Take time to think of a system; business, organization, group, skill or procedure that will set into play will ensure that you only need to do minimal inconsistent work.

If all goes well, we shall meet again next year, I will not post again this year, but we will continue to interact through comments and in your blogs too.

Thank you for the support so far, I am looking forward to showing up next year with a self hosted site and to be more detailed, versatile and helpful to you, all this, I depend on God for empowerment.

Note; I am yearning for your merry-Christmas wishes in the comments today.


Escaping poverty

 (Credit; pixabay photos)

I do everything I think possible or acceptable to escape from this trap.(Jacques Derrida)


You cannot escape challenges, but you can escape the pain that come with a challenge or failure.


You want to know how?






I reveal it.


But before that, ponder this,


How shall a man escape from that which is written; How shall he flee from his destiny?” (Ferdowsi)


Ferdowsi, even me I wonder, I really wonder how a man can escape his pre-determined destiny!


Anyway, let us continue, we will come back to wonder latter.


Maybe we hear from Franz Kafka as we proceed.


“Hiding places, there are innumerable, escape is only one, but possibilities of escape, again, are many as hiding places” (Franz Kafka).


From our two guests, Ferdowsi and Franz, we realize that we are supposed to be heading to a certain destination but we often find excuse no to.


Most people have started the journey to their destiny, because the journey is far, they relax to rest, in the process of resting, they find comfort, they camp and in great delusion miss understand the roadside camp for a home, they misplace the resting ground for a destination!


In order for you to back and move out of the roadside camp to your destiny, you need to;


》Be creative.

》Execute your plans whether you feel ready or not.

》Persist even more during the doubting moments

》Do it for the sake of love

》Accept the input of others

》Be true to yourself

》Develop useful cultures




Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons. (Demi Lovato)



If your talents and passions cannot tell you it is time to start, then I fear if someone else will, if your passions cannot motivate you to take it to the next level, then I am not sure if even the favorable circumstances will.


Do you think someone approached Obama to tell him to run for the American presidency? Do you think the Negroes went searching for Martin Luther King Junior in his comfort zone to come and lead them to freedom?


It is your responsibility to figure out what course is worth your struggle and start the journey toward it whether everybody is seeing it for you or nobody thinks you can make it through that way!


The lord trusted you enough to give you life, He knew you can make the best out of it, He trusted you enough to give you those visions, He knew you can deliver, if the lord trusted you, then, let nobody think less of you.


I wonder why they call it comfort zone, I think suffering zone would have describe it better, I term it surviving zone because at this corner, you are suffering from mental blurriness, you cannot see the inner vision clearly.


This is what I do when I am bored, I take a phone and write something, I take my phone and write something like encouragement, I do it for you, but in the process, it stirs my will power, it light my dull day, that is my creativity, my strategy to boost my energy level, you have got to find yours too.


You have got to do something that you passionately believe for someone, and while doing it, do it to your best, do it with all your creativity, do it as if you are doing it for the lord because in one way or the other, you are doing it for him.


Execute your plans whether you feel ready or not


The greatest lesson that I have learned in life is that nothing work the first time, you have to keep on doing it until you master it.


One thing you will realize when you start acting on your dream is that the saying that the “biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” is true and valid. I have come to realize that this room is even bigger than I ever imagine. I think it is the biggest because it keeps on expanding it seems to have no limit.


Be courageous enough to start and trust the infinite intelligence to lead you to victory!


Lolly Daskal, said that “the world will not reward the dreamer, it rewards those who act on their dream” this is the time to stop dreaming and act on your dreams.


A time come in our life when we have to trust ourselves and dare challenge the world, a time come when we are no longer satisfied by mediocrity and life of nothingness.


This are the days that we choose to accept ourselves as we are and face life as it is with firm resolve to give our best.


Persist even more during the doubting moments


I know, and I understand that the journey wont be easy.


Days will come when you will be rejected by  most people including those who are so dear to you.


Understand that a times even your so close friends and even relatives will not believe in your capacity to deliver your promises, to accomplish what you stand for, but nevertheless, stand anyway.


Realize that a time will come when people will not only stop believing in you but they will try to Bring you down, they will roadblock you, but move on anyway, the lord will open a way for you.


It is hard, the journey to a destiny is hard, that is why few ever arrive.


The way to a destiny is challenging, it is hidden, that is why a few will ever discover.


Do it for the sake of love


I say this and I emphasize because I know its importance. I know that life takes a new turn when you find who you love and be faithful to her! This is true to love story as it is true to life story.


Loving unconditionally is the only way to develop and sustain healthy, happy and enjoyable relationship.


The constitution of love is made up of only one phrase ” I love you unconditionally” .


Loving unconditionally means that you will be there for the one who you love during the happy moments and fall even closer during the doubting and challenging moments.


You have got to love your talent with all your being, you have got to love it unconditionally. I mean, you have got to fall for it even closer during the hard times.


This all you do by being faithful, and you became faithful by doing it even when it is not profitable.


It was not profitable for Nelson Mandela when he was sleeping in a floor in the cells, It was not profitable for Steve Jop to start again from zero to develop the Microsoft, but they had to protect their love, you gotta protect yours too.


Accept the input of others


When you start, no one will be there to assist you, even me I cannot support a project that I do not see commitment, but as you persist, people will notice you and dive in to assist you.


In life, you will always have people who are so dear to you, people whose love for you is true and honest, this are the people who have you in their hearts.


This people might not be calling you now and then, they may just be observing you from a distant, they may just be thinking about you silently.


You know this people during your hard times and your successful days.


At your hard days, they will be there to comfort and encourage you.


When you start facing the realities of life in your pursuit of meaning in life, this people will come in silently, take a position in a silent place close to you and push you up silently.


Without your notice, they hold your hand, they do not show up, they do it in their own way to see that you succeed without you even noticing.


you have to start your journey today for you to know your true friends, you have to dive in an fight the enemy of poverty so that you know who will come for your rescue.


You see, someone will come for your aid and in the meantime, they became your husband or the future mother of your children, someone will come for your rescue and in the meanwhile, they become your business associates. So that looking around in the future, you realize that you are surrounded by the right people.


Be true to yourself


You have your own fears and worries. You are good at somethings and poor on others. Just like all human,

you have had a portion of failures and victories in life.


That is normal, you do not win always, at times, you fail, rise up, dust off and move on,


Worst still, you fail almost always, that is normal too, some of us belong to that category but we are bouncing back daily, and that is what makes the drama, and the drama is what we are being payed for, you know people are willing to pay to watch the drama.


Many things are funny in life, the struggles of life are funny, in fact they are a real drama.


What make me going in life of late, is my ability to make fun of my struggles, to laugh at them as they unfold.


You neutralize the pain of failure by laughing at them, by knowing that “this life wont last forever,” by knowing that everything in this world is a drama that will end soon, yeah! that is it, in few years, less than 2 centuries, you and your drama will be gone, so? do not worry about the things that are passing.


Develop useful cultures


Wow! more than 1700 words today! you have read allot, imagine if you consume that amount of positive words everyday, your life will take a new turn in less than one month!


When I say that I rather write than watch, many won’t believe me. From a dream, I have turn writing to a hobby, I think it is helpful.


If you develop reading as a culture, you develop something magnificently useful to your life, it was the other day that I spend the all day subscribing to high performance blogs, checking into my email, I do not regret. I have drastically changed my life by taking that initiative!


you gotta initiate something useful into your life and pursue it until it is an addiction, when you become addicted to your talent, you become addicted to success.


I do not smoke, not because I am a good boy but because I am addicted to something else here. We all have the urge to identify with something, we better Identify will that which is helpful, we are not done until we find something to gravitate to, we better gravitate to a hobby that can be helpful to us as well as the few who are close to us.


Thanks for sharing and liking this post!


Shalom! and see “you at the top!”

(credit; pixabay photos)

​Desire, burning desire, is basic to

achieving anything beyond the ordinary.

(Joseph B. Wirthlin)

  1. Do you want to achieve your goals?
  2. Are you tired with unfruitful life?
  3. Have you ever felt discouraged with setting expectations that never come true?
  4. Is your life full of struggles that seem to lead you nowhere.


  If your answere is yes! then you just landed on the right post.

   This post is ment to give you a secret that when implemented will totally change your life.

   Hey! you are promising alot! I know you are wondering.

   The promises that this post make are true and realistic if you follow the instructions below;

  •  Change your ‘should’ to ‘must’
  • Have a clear sence of direction
  • Take culculated risks
  • Burn bridges
  • Nature absolute faith

 Changing your should to must


  By raising your standards, you change how your mind operates.

  Stop dreaming, wishing and wanting and say I must have it and you will have it.

Have a clear sence of direction

   Start seing yourself already in possesion of what you desire and go for it and nothing else.

   Set your mojar goal your priority in life and focus on it with all your mind.

Take culculated risks

   You deserve to have your dream and because you desearve it, you also desearve to go through the challenges that it takes to have it, without complaining.

   Burn bridges

   Remove/burn all the possibilities of retreat. Be ready to spend the rest of your life fighting for that that that things will take a new turn.
Nature absolute faith

   Without faith, your mind will be blocked and you may not see all the opportunities that are just by your side.

   Faith gives you the extra energy, creativity and courage to overcome the obtacles that may come your way.

    Have you ever used burning desire to achieve anything in your life?

12 things all fortune 500 team members trust

Many people are mediocre today because they gave up yesterday without trying.

The few percentage of the population that successful have learned and applied all the conceivable ideas and have realized that mastermind group or a strong team is the foundation of every successful organization or business.

In this post, we are going to share some of the things that all fortune 500 team members trust.
This post promises that if you lead your team to trust this all things, you will succeed almost automatically.

#1 God; They have to trust God, that he made them for a purpose.
#2 Principle; The group members have to trust the principles and laws that are laid down, they have to trust that they are workable and are the most sophisticated techniques there is.
#3 Natural potentialities: Without faith and trust in their own natural potentialities and possibilities, the master mind group may not perform at the peak of its capabilities.
#4 Environment; As a CEO of your own dream company or small business, you automatically located your business in the best position, you must always remind the team that there is no problem with the location.
#5 Durability of the business; All of us want to build something durable or at least something that can speak for us even long after we have passed away, something that will always say, “someday we were here!” if you enable the team members to see how this project that is holding you people together is helping them achieve this deeply felt yearning, then you are holding their hearts and minds there.
#6 Group relevance; No one among your team members will ever want to work on something that is not significantly important to them and to the society at large. Reminding them of the various importance of there togetherness will always help motivate them.
#7 Brilliance; You stand in front of people as a leader today; for you to be here, you must have gone through a lot of failures and victories to an extend that you have realized the validity of the statement “what the brain of a man can conceivable and belief, it can achieve”  is true and valid. Now enable the team to realize that they have come together to fight and to win and there is no way they can ever depart without excellent completion of the task at hand.
#8 Challenge; Nothing ever come without a prize, as a 21st century leader, you know this, you know very well that less brown got it right when he said that “You must be willing to do the things today others wont be willing to do in order to enjoy the things others wont be having tomorrow”. The challenges that you are facing are your own making, you all choose at someday to go through them in order to enjoy the final end rewards. Always remind the team that if they give up today, all they have suffered so far will go in vain.
#9 Choice; The choices that you make as a team are the best conceivable plans that you would make, lead the team to believe in them, lead them to realize that those choices will enable them to have what they have come together to achieve.

#10 Colleague; Because they are there and they are ready to give nothing but their best to the group, all members are qualified by this readiness to be the right persons to partake in that table. Attitude, self believe, self-esteem, character and personality are all that defines a person, when anyone gets this right, they get the right to partake in any other table.
#11 Group leader; Communicate to the team that you are not a know it all but your readiness and willingness to learn and to daily adjust is what make you trustworthy and dependable as a leader.
#12 Strategies; The plans of action, methods of execution, techniques of problems solving and the all ideas formulate and accepted as the best ingredients to bake the breakthrough companies omellete should be totally believed and relied on my the team members. 
In conclusion, a team that has total faith and belief that they are winners are always going to win.
This faith only come when they trust in the above highlighted things.
The group shevered is therefore called upon to enable the group machinery to see what they can achieve when courage, self-believe and confidence are not the limiting factors.
What additional benefits do you think your company will achieve if you nature trust in the above highlighted things? let us know in the comments below.

Top 10 principles of success

Do you want to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself? Are you passionate and determined to change your dreams to reality? have you been thinking of how to stop struggling unsuccessfully and start scoring? if your answer is yes, then this 10 insights are for you!

#1 Have a definite goal; To arrive to your destiny, you have to; know where you want to go, start from where you are, never stop, never change direction and never change the purpose of going there.
#2 Be grateful; Thank God for sustaining your life to this time, if he gives you more life, be sure to spend it doing what you love and what you are best at. If you do what you love, life will never be boring, if you do what you are best at, you will never fail. When life is not boring and you are successful you will always be thanking him and that is the meaning of life, to always give glory to almighty.
#3 Faith; Success is a combination of many things eg hard work, persistence, determination… but faith is the one metric that matters (OMTM), without total believe in your ability to deliver, all the other metrics will not help. It is true that you have to be sure of yourself before you ever win a prize!
#4 Apply ignorance as your survival technique; When you start living your dreams, many people will have reasons why you will not make it, the truth is, sometime they are right and sometime they are wrong but by ignoring all this reasons, you will always be right.
#5 Listen to yourself; While listening to what others have to say is integrity, listening to yourself, especially when you are listening to your instinct not ego, is nobility. Sometime you have to break the norm, sometime you have to break the rule. If the shortcut is save enough, do not call it wrong cut just because so and so think it is.
#6 Never wait to be ready; Start where you are with what you have and believe you will get the rest along the way, history is full of people who have arrived to their destinies without ever having all they thought was necessary for a start, yet others have more than what is needed for a completion but have not yet started, and the chances are they will never start. If you think the journey is worth the efforts, then get going.
#7 Concentrate; You have to find what you are best at and how you can get the best from it. The great have been successful in letting only this thoughts ring in their minds.
#8 Do not coppy paste the successful; The difference between the successful man and the failure is that the successful man is playing with his hobbies and the failure is coping him. Choose to follow your heart and you will realize that every calling has its highest level of rewards only enjoyed by those at home.
#9 Accept failure; a detailed study of life reveals that you do not have to be right always, sometime, one major breakthrough can make the all difference, Every dog has its own day, while I could not explain why yours has delayed, I can give you the secret that will ensure you will not miss it when it emerge and that secret is, the winning odds are those that say you have to remain waiting and wanting.
#10 Advice others;When the all world is silent, great talents and dreams can perish, do not undermine your words of hope and courage even if you think it is a lie, See strength in others. Just tell someone how great they are and you will be amazed by the great giants of talents that you will awake.

In conclusion,Learn from every experience. Every situation is an oppotunity for learning something new.

Have you ever applied some of these principles? Tell us in the comments below how it help you achieve your goals.



If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders
of giants.” — Isaac Newton

The question of a mentor is something that is universally accepted but not normally applied.

Most people confuse a mentor for a role model, we will discuss something on a role model in the near future posts!

This post is meant to explain the importance of a mentor to a young leader, you have to be mentored if you will ever mentor anyone!

Having a mentor, someone who have traveled that path before, will help you to:

1) Avoid the same mistakes that they committed
2) Take advantage of what they learned in the process
3) give you the confidence to move on
4) Answer your questions when you are stuck
5) motivates you along the way
6) Support you financially


“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to
throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.” —
Whoopi Goldberg

Mentor is someone who has ever traveled this way before.

The journey of life is made up of ups and downs.

it is made up of pitfalls.

You have to learn that destiny is only arrived to when you follow the right path,Sometime you have to learn through trial and era, sometime you have to fail to learn.
Those who went through this way before you had to go through many challenges, they had to fail in order to learn.

what about if you become a little bit clever? What about if you realize that there is no good reason for you to repeat the same mistakes that are already done.

Having a mentor, ensure that you are not going to go through the same mistakes that they went through.

This accelerate your speed towards the top.


A guy named Charlie Beacham was my first mentor at Ford. He
taught me the importance of the dealers, and he rubbed my nose in the retail business. Lee Iacocca

 When you have a mentor, you
benefit from learning from
someone who has already
reached the point where you
are trying to get to

Experience is the best education there is.

There are things that you cannot learn in class, this are the concepts and ideas that you have to be on the ground, I mean on the field in order to crasp them.

Life is too short to experiment everything, life is too short to always navigate the untraveled paths.

You are absolutely mad if you attempt to re-invent the already invented wheel. Unless if you want to improve it.

Those who went before you, in most cases, have invented the wheel. Learn from them. Do not re-invent the wheel.

learn from them what works and what does not work.

If you do fewer and fewer mistakes every day, you come to enjoy what you do. Life become simple, and you succeed even faster.


A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor

Knowing that you are on the right truck is one major source of confidence.

This give you the stage to pursue even greater missions in your society.The work of a mentor is basically to re-assure you that all is well.
With a mentor, you have a reason to rise up and move on after you fail, why? because you know you are on the right path.

The presence of a the figure of a mentor is a constant reminder that what you are doing is achievable.

If your mentor did it, then, why not you?

By constantly asking yourself this question, you strengthen your will power.

With a strong will power, all most nothing will be impossible to you.


At times, in your journey to success, you will meet a lot of set backs, sometime, you may feel like giving up, you may feel just like giving in! but having a mentor my give you the reason to move on!

Your mentor will answer some of your most pressing questions, thus solving your problems and ensuring you are ahead of the game.


Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you
someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I
don’t care what you do for avliving—if you do it well I’m sure
there was someone cheering you on or showing the way.A mentor.” — Denzel Washington

A mentor is someone you admire, you may be admiring them because of how they overcome all odds to succeed or because they have achieved something which according to you is worthwhile and important.

Because of the authority that that your mentor has gain in the field, you are easily willing to listen to them, to learn from them and to emulate them, this go along way to shaping your character personality and therefore posting your profile way way up.


Some mentors are more friendly, others are not, you have to be careful in choosing them.

In rear circumstances will you get a mentor that will help you financially, most will not.

If you get, you are done, why? because mentors will invest heavily on you because they love and believe in what you are doing. They have you and your career at heart.

Most if not all mentors have achieved great things in life, they are wealthy and successful. They have many things including a heart to help, maybe that is one of the reasons why they succeed.

follow this post and feel free to share it.